Tuesday, 22 March 2016

            Technology keeps on moving forward day by day. Almost everything in our life involves technology. One of them is education. Nowadays, the way of learning has become easier. Everything can be done just at the finger tips. Listed below is the positive impact of technology towards education nowadays.
1.      Doing research is much easier.
Before technology took place, students need to spend a lot of time at the library to search for past research. However, nowadays the library, especially at the university purchases a website where a lot of past research can be reach. So, students just need to log in the library system in order to gain access to that past research. As a result, doing research is much easier.
2.      Enhance globalization.
Due to technology, we can learn virtually from the teacher at different state or country. Also, we can learn with the students from other university. This can be done through video conferencing.
3.      Different ways of learning.
In the past, we use to learn just in the form of books. However, nowadays learning is fun. Especially towards children. Thanks to the educational games, and education apps. Children are becoming more motivated to learn.
4.      Web seminars.
Usually in order for students to attend any seminar for their learning purposes involves a lot of money, time, and energy. Especially if the place of the seminar is far. However, nowadays students can just attend web seminar. For example, NASA offers a web seminar for students to talk with the astronauts at the space.

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