Tuesday, 22 March 2016

            Technology keeps on moving forward day by day. Almost everything in our life involves technology. One of them is education. Nowadays, the way of learning has become easier. Everything can be done just at the finger tips. Listed below is the positive impact of technology towards education nowadays.
1.      Doing research is much easier.
Before technology took place, students need to spend a lot of time at the library to search for past research. However, nowadays the library, especially at the university purchases a website where a lot of past research can be reach. So, students just need to log in the library system in order to gain access to that past research. As a result, doing research is much easier.
2.      Enhance globalization.
Due to technology, we can learn virtually from the teacher at different state or country. Also, we can learn with the students from other university. This can be done through video conferencing.
3.      Different ways of learning.
In the past, we use to learn just in the form of books. However, nowadays learning is fun. Especially towards children. Thanks to the educational games, and education apps. Children are becoming more motivated to learn.
4.      Web seminars.
Usually in order for students to attend any seminar for their learning purposes involves a lot of money, time, and energy. Especially if the place of the seminar is far. However, nowadays students can just attend web seminar. For example, NASA offers a web seminar for students to talk with the astronauts at the space.

            Nowadays, it is very easy for people to steal our identity. For example, they can just steal our wallet, and they already got our identity card, driver’s license, credit cards, and many more. By the time we go to the bank to report that our wallet has been stolen, they can already purchase anything by using our credit card. For example are order things online or buy from the stores which do not check our ID.
            Furthermore, identity theft has becoming a more serious matter nowadays. This is because, they can also apply for credit cards or loans under your name. Sometimes it takes months or years to notice that our identity has been stolen for that purposes. This is because, they can change our address in the loan application so that we are being kept in the dark.
            So, it is very important for us to protect ourselves from being the victim of identity theft. Firstly, we should check our credit report more often so that we can detect the problems early before it getting worse. We also can use a service where they will send to us notification every time our credit report changes.
            Secondly, we should be careful with our financial information. We should not give out our identification number, credit card number, or social security number over the phone. We also should be careful to only give out information to a secured website. Lastly, we should shred every mail that contains our identity before putting it in the dustbin.

            As the conclusion, we should try our very best to protect our identity. This is because, once our identity has been stolen, it will really bring disaster to our life.

            Technology has able to change our lifestyle, and has made it easier for us to do things. Especially for smartphones and tablets. It has made it easy for us to get information, to socialize, and many more. However, excessive use of smartphones, laptops, and computers are very harmful for our health.
1.      Can lead to Digital Dementia
A neuroscientist, Manfred Spitzer has introduced this term. Digital Dementia is the breakdown of cognitive abilities due to the overuse of digital technology. According to Spitzer, if we overuse digital technology, our short-term memory pathways will start to deteriorate.
2.      Can lead to Text Neck
If a person looks down at their smartphones, tablets, or any other wireless device for too long or too frequently, it can lead to text neck which is a neck pain.
3.      Can lead to Compulsive Communicating
Compulsive communicating is where a person talks too much beyond the amount that is socially acceptable.
4.      Can lead to CRV (Computer Vision Syndrome)
CRV can also be referred as Digital Eye Strain. It is basically the eye discomfort and vision problems due to looking at smartphones, tablets, or computers for too long.
5.      Can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
It is where we feel numb, tingling or pressure on the median nerve of our wrist. Usually, it is cause by making the same movement over and over again, especially using the wrist.

      Can lead to insomnia
Insomnia is a sleep disorder. It is where a person who spends too much time on the smartphones, tablets, or computers find it difficult to fall asleep.
7.      Can lead to e-Thrombosis
If a person spend too much time on computer or laptop, they tend to sit there for a long periods of time. This can make the blood clots in the heart or blood vessel which as a result can put the victim at risk for obstruction of blood flow.
8.      Can lead to hearing impairment
Hearing impairment is cause by listening to sound too loud, usually via headphones.


As the conclusion, spending too much time on the smartphones, tablets, or computers, can harm our health in many ways. So, we should be able to control the amount of time spend on technology so that it will not bring harm to our health.

Monday, 21 March 2016

            Introducing technology towards children can give a good impact and also bad impact towards them. The good impact is children can learn so many things through technology. For example, if the parents give the children tablet or smart phones in order for them to learn about alphabets or numbers, then it will give good impacts towards children. This is because, learning through tablets or smart phones is the fun way of learning things for children.
            There are so many formats for children to learn through tablets and smart phones. For example are videos, applications such as learning games, and many more. However, this good impact will only occur only if the parents know how to control their children technology usage. If not, it will give drawbacks towards their children.
            If the children are taught to use the tablets and smart phones all the times, then the children will not socialize with their peers. They will spend their time only playing with tablets or smart phones. They will not go out and play with their friends. This is very bad for children. This is because, as a parent, they need to allow, teach, and give their children chances to experience and know the world around them. Children learn from experience.
            Also, if the parents give their children tablets or smart phones to play at the restaurant or when eating, their children will assume that it’s alright for them to play with their tablet and smart phone when dining. Children learn from experience and from what they saw. Same for parents. If the parent always playing with their tablets and smart phones when dining, then the children will think that it is alright for them to do so.
            Furthermore, if the parents always use the technology in order to keep their child at the certain place all the time, then it might lead the child to not receive enough attention. For example is a busy parent always give tablet or smart phone to their children and let them play with it for the whole day. Then the child might not receive enough care and attention from their parent.

            As the conclusion, parents are the one that shape their children. So, it is very important for parent to control the usage of technology among children. This is because, if they use it well, then it will give positive impact. However, if they use it wrongly, then it will give out negative impact toward children.

            Nowadays, the first thing that we do after we wake up is checking our smart phone. We check our messages and our social network account, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The rest of the day, we always spend our day on mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop.
            People nowadays use technology on almost everything that they do every day. This includes in the way people connect among each other. Of course, technologies are beneficial in order to connect people together. However, there are also drawbacks of the technology on human relationships. Human relationships here don’t need only to be the relationship among couples only, but also among families, friends, and society.

1.      Technology cause the conversation to lack in context
This is because, when we use technology to communicate with each other, such as Whatsapp, or Facebook Chat, it is quite hard for us to detect the exact message of the other parties. We don’t know sometimes whether the other person are being sarcastic, joking, or serious. This is because we cannot hear the tone of the voice, and we cannot see the face the other party make while talking about that matter. So sometimes we can misunderstand the message of the other party.
2.      Online communication lack on empathy.
This is because, we cannot see the face and hear the tone of the other party. For example, if the father of our friend pass away. Then we Whatsapp our friend saying that they should be patient and we feel sorry for their loss. Of course sometimes we really want to reassure our friend. But technology doesn’t really pass that message towards our friend. So, as a result, it is lack on empathy.
3.      Technology cannot give the essential personal touch
Sometimes we just want our mother or father to give us a hug, or pat on the back. However, our mother just sends us an emojis to reassuring us. The emojis are cute, however it cannot serve the same purpose and give the same feelings as the actual hug. So, sometimes, we need a real thing and action, not an emojis.
4.      Technology overloads can lead to cocooning
Some people are addicted to technology, after some time they don’t leave the house in order to communicate with others. This can leads to social isolation which is very bad. They didn’t socialize at all. They only socialize through social media.

            I admit that technology serve many purposes and had made our life easy. However, we shouldn’t forget that overusing of technology can also sometime give drawbacks in our live. We should be the one controlling the technology, not the technology controlling our lives.