Monday, 21 March 2016

            Introducing technology towards children can give a good impact and also bad impact towards them. The good impact is children can learn so many things through technology. For example, if the parents give the children tablet or smart phones in order for them to learn about alphabets or numbers, then it will give good impacts towards children. This is because, learning through tablets or smart phones is the fun way of learning things for children.
            There are so many formats for children to learn through tablets and smart phones. For example are videos, applications such as learning games, and many more. However, this good impact will only occur only if the parents know how to control their children technology usage. If not, it will give drawbacks towards their children.
            If the children are taught to use the tablets and smart phones all the times, then the children will not socialize with their peers. They will spend their time only playing with tablets or smart phones. They will not go out and play with their friends. This is very bad for children. This is because, as a parent, they need to allow, teach, and give their children chances to experience and know the world around them. Children learn from experience.
            Also, if the parents give their children tablets or smart phones to play at the restaurant or when eating, their children will assume that it’s alright for them to play with their tablet and smart phone when dining. Children learn from experience and from what they saw. Same for parents. If the parent always playing with their tablets and smart phones when dining, then the children will think that it is alright for them to do so.
            Furthermore, if the parents always use the technology in order to keep their child at the certain place all the time, then it might lead the child to not receive enough attention. For example is a busy parent always give tablet or smart phone to their children and let them play with it for the whole day. Then the child might not receive enough care and attention from their parent.

            As the conclusion, parents are the one that shape their children. So, it is very important for parent to control the usage of technology among children. This is because, if they use it well, then it will give positive impact. However, if they use it wrongly, then it will give out negative impact toward children.

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